#TBT : Snow on the Ground

Since most of Wyoming is reeling from a winter storm… and we are dry but cold… I pulled up a winter photo for you.  I assume they are putting more hay in the top of the barn.  That’s where we … Continue reading

Hay Through My Window

Over the past few days, I’ve witnessed the haying process right through my dirty kitchen window!  I was “hiding” inside, as the grass pollen and I don’t agree on much… First came Daniel.  He’s a hay cutting man! While not … Continue reading

Hay, Hay

Hay, hay. Second cutting is finally underway. **** It’s already the seventh of August… I have a couple of questions to answer… Anyone have any more????  Post them here! … Continue reading

Haying Season

The guys are busy getting started haying… The center pivot field making for pretty semi-circular designs… Of course, if you start haying… this is bound to happen, too… It poured for a bit… .3″, but, unbelievably, the hay doesn’t look … Continue reading

Ten Things You Don’t Know About: Haystacks

A fixture on any farm or ranch that has to supplement their livestock’s feed supply is the haystack… Here are ten things you might not know about haystacks. 1.  Haystacks are surrounded with high fences around 8′-10′ high.  Why so … Continue reading