Friends of the Ten Sleep Library

It’s a busy few weeks at the Ten Sleep Library and seeing as how I was recently elected president of the Friends of the TSL… I’m busy promoting. First I gave a Pysanky class… Ukrainian egg decorating… and charged $5 … Continue reading

Valentine Volunteer

Someone took a little valentine to their little library. Someone giggled at the size of the little valentine. Someone hoped that the message would be heard by every patron and they would join the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library. … Continue reading

Me Money

Oooh. Yeah. Running to the chilly outside to glance at the lunar eclipse. No change yet… ugh. ¬†HURRY UP! I should be in bed… because I’m working. Like in an office/8-5/dressclothing/curledhair/jewelry/makeup kind of working. One of the girls at the … Continue reading

Your Library

The library was packed again tonight for another fundraiser. ¬†They really only have a few each year, but it seems like more because they are so close together. I haven’t made this Open House/Silent Auction Fundraiser lately because I’ve been … Continue reading

Panic and White Knuckles

I don’t know if I should title this entry, “Panic” or “White Knuckles”. After falling asleep while trying to watch the National Finals Rodeo… I awoke to a dog’s snuffling nose at my bedside. Grabbing ten more seconds of warmth, … Continue reading