#TBT: National Puppy Day

Come to find out, today is National Puppy Day… so today’s #tbt????? Lucas as a pup, 2006! … Continue reading

Made His Day

Fall causes work: those items that need to be put away for winter, lawn chairs, toys, the trampoline… another round with the lawnmower grabbing leaves for the compost pile… organizing the garage and sweeping summer’s dirt away… there’s more items … Continue reading

The Bestest Part

“No rest for the wicked, and the righteous don’t need any!” I grew up with that saying… I’m not sure where we fall, but after the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame party, it was back to work! On the agenda… … Continue reading

That Was That

On our walk, the dogs found Something.  A very, very, bad Something.  It was worth barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkBARK! I yelled. I whistled. barkbarkbarkbarkbarkcomeseewhatwehave! I was two fences and a creek crossing away, so I yelled.  I whistled. Suddenly.  Silence. I yelled.  I … Continue reading

Jump Step

Vernon continues to work on his bale feeder… the two rollers in back are now tied together.  As he left for the afternoon to continue welding… I mentioned I had a welding project in mind. I described it, waving my … Continue reading