Silly Zone

Remember this post from last year??? Splash Zone. That’s what I entitled it… getting soaking wet while moving our heifers to their mountain pasture. Well, we repeated the move today… without a rain cloud in sight! The girls were ready … Continue reading

Gorgeous Light

I’ve moved from tired and sore to flat out exhausted.  After saddling at 5 am, we were finally home at 2:30 pm.  I ate and drank and drank and drank (hot day), then fell asleep.  I’ve been dozing off and … Continue reading

South, This Time

More sorting. More trailing… South, this time! More pairing through the gate. And, finally, happy cows… … Continue reading

North x Northwest

With branding over, it’s now time to split up the herd into smaller ones.  The guys like to do this since it is so much easier to see which bulls are with which cows…  They spend a great deal of … Continue reading

Down Hill

It started early with brisk mountain air and reluctant horses… And quickly switched to following cows…   Up. Down. Over. Through the rocks. Lined out. With a good pat and scratch at the end for a job well done. This … Continue reading