OK. Today is Wednesday. Except I thought it was Thursday. I woke up, showered, dressed, and DROVE THE TWENTY MILES INTO WORK. I was EARLY.  I was PROUD OF MYSELF. Then the other workers came in, and I realized… I … Continue reading

In Progress

With the arrival of August, Wyoming is hitting the Solar Eclipse Mania full bore.  Every one is going crazy… there’s tshirts and warnings from first responder groups and people renting out spaces to park RVs. Vernon laughingly told me I … Continue reading

Start Somewhere

Miss me? I worked late at our library’s astronomy program last night… We had a guest speaker with an 8″ Dobsonian telescope.  Since one of those is on my When-I-win-the-lottery List, I *had* to hang around until late. No #tbt … Continue reading


I can’t help it! I HAVE to show you the newest addition to my studio! This chair and couch have been stored for years… they aren’t anything very special… a wooden frame, fairly disgusting cushions.  But I have kept my … Continue reading

Studio Video

All right!  You asked for it, you got it!  Here’s the tour of my studio as it is… I’ve been working on this building since 2009, obviously not consistently!  I have dubbed it Sundog Studio, partly because one of my … Continue reading