Someday Soon

The holiday must be over… it’s quiet in my house. No banter… No football game on the tv with a secondary background noise from computer or ipod… No key clicks from laptops at work… No opening of refrigerator doors to … Continue reading

Studio Beginnings

Here’s the south facing wall of my studio/aka the old chickenhouse… The windows are covered in chicken wire… with traces of plastic sheeting left wafting in the breeze… The tiny picket door needs a latch to hold it closed… The … Continue reading

Project Studio

Here’s my new project… On the left is the log cabin section… On the right is a stick addition… It was last used as a chicken house… It is dirty. It is uninsulated. It is a dream. It overlooks the … Continue reading


Frustration was paramount today.  We had made it an early day… taking Johnny to Worland to catch a flight to Denver and then San Francisco to see Cindy, Vernon’s sister.  We had our shopping list ready for the big city. … Continue reading

My Work

My Work Lately, my work has included this. Lots of it… buckets to be exact.  And I’m tired of it. I don’t want to see anymore of it. Yecch. and sandpaper… that too! “Begone away!” sigh. It doesn’t seem to … Continue reading