Well, remember I told you I hauled my tools up to the garage from my studio?  There was no where to put them!  Argh!  Long ago, I had Daniel cut some logs to be legs for a workbench and they … Continue reading

Name My Dream

September of 2009.  My… how long ago that was!  I had a dream. I dreamed an old cabin turned chicken coop could be emptied of junk and remade into My Space.  I went into this project with enthusiasm, hauling away … Continue reading


I’m not going to do the Q&A tonight, so take the time to send me one more question… **** I have been working on some minor (and one not so minor) projects when I can… I decided my front door, … Continue reading


It was a simply gorgeous day here today… and I took it for myself!  The “I-should-be-doing”s got shoved aside and I wandered out to my studio.  With winter coming on, my main priority has to be sealing up gaps… and, … Continue reading

Some Creativity

I’ve been working on a new video… hopefully with less uploading trauma than the last one! So for tonight’s quick pic… I thought I’d make you jealous. The view from my studio this evening… A fingernail moon ornamented the sky … Continue reading