Nowood Creek Puzzle

Here’s another puzzle… just to make up for Lucas’ fiasco!  This is one of my photos of Nowood Creek that is in my Red Dirt calendar.  It had to be cropped to fit… and it lost a lot of its … Continue reading

Honestly Puzzle

The guys were busy today bangs vaccinating our heifers.  I was at work at the library.  I honestly feel SO GUILTY on these days if I’m not home to help!  After years and years of doing the work, it just … Continue reading

Curious Kitten Puzzle

For tonight, a 90 piece puzzle of the new kitten. I’m still debating on whether it will be Rumson or Pardner… because I’m pretty sure it can’t be Mariah! Curious Kitten **** I found out today that our Friends of … Continue reading

Yucca Blossoms Puzzle

Had to do another one… they’re just a tad bit more fun than just a photo, don’t you think?  This is one of my favorites… I LOVE yucca blossoms!  Yucca blossoms in red hills with blue skies is divine.  If … Continue reading

Red Hills and Horses Puzzle

I ran across this on a friend’s facebook page… and found it fun, so I thought I’d just share! It is from Jigsaw Planet.  It is very simple, you sign up, upload a photo, and they turn it into a … Continue reading