Other Day Dally

It rained. And snowed. And here’s a pic from the other day! … Continue reading

Spring Babysitting

Thanks for all the info you readers posted on yesterday’s topic… I’ll try to email G. and tell her to check back and read the links and comments.  THANK YOU! **** A day of babysitting… and we were out ALL … Continue reading


A while back I had a reader comment with this: “Carol, I am 92 and my father, William H. Small, owned two ranches near Ten Sleep. Two of my siblings were born there. My sister was born in 1919 and … Continue reading

My Day

A library morning program… A little of this… A hike… Some wildlife… More rain! That was my day. … Continue reading

Kicks and Giggles

Calving’s going great… We had a great soft rain for one day, getting .76″ on my rain gauge… it’ll be green now! Working in my yard has commenced… But we stopped all that for a little fundraiser for Ten Sleep … Continue reading