For a couple of weeks now, it’s not unusual to hear elk bugling in our fields at night… We don’t see them, but we sure love listening to them. Today, with all the rain… a couple of cows and a … Continue reading

Rain Ridge

Holy buckets. More rain. More work. A puzzle to make up for Wednesday! Rain Ridge Puzzle … Continue reading


#tbt is on hold… And I have exciting news to share… Monday I’m going on vacation!  Yes, like a REAL vacation!  I’ve been to librarians’ conventions… and there were those trips to get my custom cowboy hat… but I haven’t … Continue reading


Re-watched videos… Took notes… Ta-da! (note the chickens and the whitetail bucks and raindrops!  double-click to see it full sized) Rainclouds from Carol Greet on Vimeo. … Continue reading


Two months of drought… and now rainstorm after rainstorm! 1.92″ and all of that in the past few days. I set out my GoPro… the skies were dramatic and a storm was blowing in.  Perfect for a time lapse.  But … Continue reading