Visitors in the Night

I checked in with the guys and their current project… Took some random photos… and returned home followed by Tess and the kids. I had mentioned making applesauce, and Tess was here to tackle that problem!  For the rest of … Continue reading

Shaky Celebration

Best laid plans… Victoria was ready to come celebrate her birthday here… But poor little Waylon’s tummy had different ideas.  I’m really sorry it didn’t work out, so I have to wish her Happy Birthday long distance… We carried on … Continue reading

Big Snow

This photo makes it look like my windmill is entirely buried.  It isn’t.  We did have 8″ though!  Lots of cow work happening today in the neighborhood, but I’m headed to the warm library. … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Morning Smokers”

Morning Smokers … Continue reading

Halloween Visit

Happy Halloween! We were visited by a vampire bat, Dusty Crophopper, and the puppy versions of Tuff and Jekyll. Ten Sleep is a great place for Halloween! … Continue reading