Kids’ Rodeo

I did ambulance standby for the Ten Sleep Kids’ Rodeo today. I’ve helped off and on with this activity since my kids were little… read 15 years or so… I managed to acquire a few good photos… and a few … Continue reading


Cathartic… purging the bowels… metaphorically cleansing the psyche. Ewwww! Right? Never did I know until today… that turkey vultures’ Latin name is Cathartes aura. Purifier. As in regurgitation. As in urohydrosis. Look that one up! Why do I care? Because … Continue reading

The Setting

The setting for our centennial party is around “the white house”. This is the original homestead building built by Joe Henry and added on to by the Greets. Usually, most people see it from the “white house” side… like here. … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Three Points!

Three Points! … Continue reading

Twelfth Day

Twelve more days until our big celebration… Posters have been up in Ten Sleep for a week now… Postcards have been sent to friends, relatives, and business people… I’ve ordered plates…blue as the sky… I’ve ordered cups… brick red as … Continue reading