A Walk

We could no longer resist, the weather was perfect, the skies were blue, and who really really cares if my floor needed mopped?  Another bike ride to the creek, hoping to reenact yesterday’s dramatic swim fest.  Alas, nothing so lively. … Continue reading

Oh, Daddy…

FINALLY!  the rain and cold has left us and seemingly the first nice day we’ve had since Labor Day Monday was yesterday.  We’ve received almost 2″ of moisture since then, so we shouldn’t complain, but I do miss sunshine! Itching … Continue reading

A Working Man

A working man… works long hard hours, in all types of weather, no matter the day, no matter the job.  You start early and use the daylight you have available.  If your job is not top-notch, there’s no whining allowed. … Continue reading

An addiction

I was just having this discussion the other day with a young lady I know, who sheepishly told me she was quickly on book 7 of a 14 book series.  “But she just *loves* these books!”  She felt a little … Continue reading

The best

Mankind has developed great, wonderful, and stupendous inventions throughout the centuries… modern medicine, farming methods, space exploration, chocolate, milkshakes, and without a doubt, the best invention of all is nothing less than a hot shower.  I spent the day with … Continue reading