Memories of Snow…

When I took this photo the other day… I yearned for those snowcapped Big Horns to share a little chilly breeze with me… I’ve been painting in the heat… Moving cattle in the heat… Mowing weeds in the heat… Sorting … Continue reading

A Distinctive Smell

There’s a unique smell that I have a love/hate relationship with… It’s kept me company on many a starlit night… It’s fired our branding barrels many a year ago… It’s given me worries about my guys… It’s made me sick … Continue reading

Rodeo Revamped

Playing with Photoshop can be addictive… That’s A.W. whose been a rodeo judge here quite a while… a little “antique” effect adds to the height of this photo, dontcha think? A tad bit of cropping and black vignette lets the … Continue reading

A Hot Move

The ┬áproblem: Cows on the fence… they want to leave for the cooler mountain, but it isn’t time yet. Some dirty cows even are IN the field! Then there are the troublemakers… Lucas and Elsa have success! Lucas makes it … Continue reading

A Find

I know someone who found something and then, wonder of wonders, returned it to the closest owner available. Her husband is a carpenter and was remodeling an old cabin. ┬áTucked away in the bottom of an old cabinet, was this. … Continue reading