Puppy Walk part two

The other day I began the story of our Puppy Walk with a great shot of their faces as 10 pups scampered cross country.  *But* to be honest, I saw more butts than faces!  They enjoyed themselves immensely!  I took … Continue reading

This Time of Year

It is that time of year when everything virtually explodes and you find yourself running in circles, picking up pieces of life, mending this, moving that, cleaning here, doing that. And cooking. The last few days seem like chaos. It … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Patriotic Evening Primrose”

Evening Primrose in patriotic mode (red, white, blue) … Continue reading

Summer Dresses

Taken May 3, 2009.  Taken May 19, 2009. While the cottonwoods are the last to don their summer dresses, the willows and boxelders have shown up early for the dance.  The Big Horn Mountains have released their temperamental moisture levels … Continue reading