Wordless Wednesday – ‘Neath the Deep and Darkening Sky

‘Neath the Deep and Darkening Sky … Continue reading

Mountain Trail

I need to put off my other Kids’ Rodeo pictures for a bit and share the ones from yesterday. My sister was official photographer… The focus (pun intended) of her pictures is a bit different from mine… First, she takes … Continue reading

Bogged Down

Left home at 4 am… Returned at 8 pm… Successfully moved stock to lower mountain pasture… Horses, dogs, people tired… Can you read Dally’s expression of exhaustion??? She did very well chasing cows out of bogs today… but her look … Continue reading

Many Faces of Kids’ Rodeo

While I should be cleaning my house… I have company coming… I figured I better get this posted or it wouldn’t happen later! Kids’ Rodeo… synonymous with hottestdayinJuly/slowerthanmolasses/cuterthancute/whyinthe’elldowedothis? But boy! you end up with some cutie photos! Typical Grand Entry … Continue reading

Kids’ Rodeo

I did ambulance standby for the Ten Sleep Kids’ Rodeo today. I’ve helped off and on with this activity since my kids were little… read 15 years or so… I managed to acquire a few good photos… and a few … Continue reading