Spring trail

It is time FINALLY to turn the cows out to graze…and we’ve been doing exactly that the past three days.  It is a time-consuming process.  Step One is gathering the pasture they are in and often keeping them in a … Continue reading

A Hike

We woke to a covering of snow after two days of 70 degrees.  And, although moisture would be welcome, the storm only managed to spit out a pitiful .04 of liquid.  And the wind had to partner with the storm, … Continue reading


Today is Tuesday… the day Lucas and I become reading partners to kids at Ten Sleep School.  We have always listened to the 3rd/4th graders read, but today we were thrilled to have the kindergarten class as well!  Yes, they … Continue reading

From brown to green

The past two days have been a radical change.  Our warmest days had been from 45-50 degrees and the nights had remained very crisp and wintery.  Yesterday we reached a high of 72 and today was 76.  Seemingly overnight the … Continue reading


I knew I should have checked my spelling…it is Kalahari, not Kalihari… I will correct it! Lucas gave me a scare this morning.  He didn’t meet me at the back door, he didn’t come when called, he wasn’t in sight.  … Continue reading