If you’re one of our horses… you need patience. You need to wait when we doctor, sort in the corral, eartag, eat lunch, and do a hundred other things. You get to take naps and swish flies (though the fly … Continue reading

Bruner Draw

This is Bruner Draw.  Named for the man who homesteaded with a small dugout located on the skyline to the right of the most left juniper tree… the fenceline here separates our private ground from BLM.  This is the “badlands”. … Continue reading

Dogs of the Day

Today was the first day in a few, that I’ve been able to settle in, do some chores, play an extended amount of time with the puppies, and have a nice visit with my daughter and her boyfriend.     … Continue reading

Gotta Share Photos

I have to share some puppy photos… It is something I HAVE to do… I HAVE to share the cuteness! Elsa supervises feeding time, just to make sure everyone uses their manners. The colors (colours??) of English Shepherds… at least … Continue reading


As the sun sets, I often switch to sepia or black and white to use the contrast.  This little reservoir in the badlands gave me the perfect opportunity to play. This one turned out to be my favorite… and “Open” … Continue reading