One of the coolest displays in the Spice Village mega store (where there are tons of cool displays)… was this one. Use them for tags, bookmarks, frame them… whatever.  Different sizes.  Hardly any repeats in that entire bin!!!  There were … Continue reading

T-shirt Conversations and Nice People

Tidbits: I’m still waiting on 200+ photos to download… so here’s some interesting stories from my trip… We took 100 pounds of Wyoming Sugar and 100 pounds of fresh pinto beans down to Texas to donate to people impacted by … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Roadtrip: Great Ending

Sister, cousin, me, brother!   … Continue reading

Roadtrip: Best View

I’ve seen beautiful, amazing, impressive, and wondrous things on this trip… But nothing beats the gorgeous darkness of Wyoming’s interstate heading home! I’m not quite there yet, but I will be in my own bed tonight! … Continue reading

Roadtrip: TexRenFest

Way too many pics to share about the Texas Renaissance Festival right now. Currently headed home to cooler weather! … Continue reading