Roadtrip: Fish On!

Finished up our time at the antique fair… Visited a meadery… Drove to the coast! Spent the day on the water with my sister, nephews, and their girlfriends… and caught that red fish my brother insisted I bring home to … Continue reading

Roadtrip: Antiques and More

Do you like vintage items? Antiques? Crafts? Furniture? Glassware, clothing, rugs, corbels, mantels, lights, paintings, skulls, turtle traps? Well, have I got the place for you! If you’ve never heard of Round Top, Texas, you’ve been missing out. ┬áRound Top, … Continue reading

Oh, Toto

I’m not in Wyoming any more… Ok, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but it’s true. I’m in Fort Collins, COLORADO! ┬áMegan and Tess decided to give me my Christmas/birthday presents early by bringing me down to … Continue reading

Randomness and Cruisin’

Today seems to be one of those days… Randomness is everywhere… Including my photos for the day… Forgive the snapshot quality… Vernon was on *cruise*… Now really… this guy had to drive from Idaho clear to Dubois for a humongous … Continue reading

The Other Hundred Photos…

I know… my query from yesterday wasn’t very difficult. If you’ve ever been to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone National Park… You probably left or entered by the south entrance. That’s Grand Teton National Park. And if a zillion photos have … Continue reading