Wow.  A good seven inches of powdery snow out there today! Nothing like fresh snow to play in! Lucas and Eden were having a blast. That young little whippersnapper was too fast for Lucas. Dally just yells and demands that … Continue reading

Looking for a Calendar Shot

Last Monday, we cancelled our preg testing because of weather.  It rained and was cold… and we just decided it wasn’t worth being wet and miserable.  Well, today was the ‘replacement day’ and when the rain started pouring down last … Continue reading


Our first snowfall here at the place… It’s well past time… and it’s still very easy to appreciate the beauty it brings. And, as usual, it’s a shock that four miles down the road, with the slight drop in elevation, … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

Still no chicks… rats!  I thought it would be perfect if they arrived on Mother’s Day! We did get snow… not much, but there’s plenty of wet slush in the rest of the Cowboy State. Here, it really started just … Continue reading

We Are Here

There is a heaviness, no, a solemnity, about new fallen snow.  Glaringly white, made tolerable by squinting even with sunglasses, it lays quietly across fields and fences.  Character lines around my eyes can be blamed on this brilliance, more exist … Continue reading