Warm Light and Vultures

Finally. Warm light. and vultures. It must be spring! … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “The Green Grows”

For Wordless Wednesday… the green grows ‘neath the vanishing snows… … Continue reading

Spring and Healing

Our first calf out of our heifers arrived today… I haven’t seen it yet, but I imagine once the flood of babies starts pouring over the dam, I’ll be down there, bedding pens and keeping an eye on the heifers.  … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday- “The Green Comes Creeping”

Wordless Wednesday for this week… “and the green comes creeping back into the fields…” … Continue reading


A few days ago in the midst of an afternoon walk, I stopped.  The hillsides were covered in snow, the road I had walked on was ice.  But a different sound was literally underlying the countryside.  It took a minute to distinguish … Continue reading