Multiple Personality Disorder

From nice, warm, springlike days to sunny but windy days, to flat out blizzard conditions… oh, goody for you, Wyoming!  You have your multiple personality disorder in fine form! … Continue reading

Bless My Little Heart

Eh?  What did you say? Well, I’m shocked, just shocked! What did you say? Well, bless my little heart… It is FEBRUARY… In WYOMING… the snow JUST left… and yes, look at all the green!  It isn’t even Saint Patrick’s … Continue reading

Ice Jam

Ice jam should be a blue, delicious, jelly… lightly tasting of cool mint, vanilla, and chocolate.  Spread on a cracker with cream cheese, it would be a delight! Unfortunately, that is *NOT* what ice jam means. An ice jam is … Continue reading

Doin’ Her Thing

My journaling class was a success… I think my 12 attendees had a good time. That’s about all we can fit into our little room at tables, so it was perfect! It’s continuing to melt RAPIDLY around here.  Fifty degrees … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Fresh Snow”

Fresh Snow Puzzle … Continue reading