#TBT: Sex in the Country, Revisited

So, it’s been quiet and just “different” without Dally around.  As her Guard Dog position warranted, she was Number One Barker to alert me when anyone drove by… even Brandon… six times a day… Lucas and Eden are MUCH quieter … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Sentinel”

Sentinel Puzzle … Continue reading

Rimrock Rimfire Dally

Dally at Work Dally’s Litter Miss Dally Dally’s Day Dally at Work Swish, Dally (movie) Dog Time (one of which I think has made it into the 2018 English Shepherd calendar) Snow Day (movie) From the Mesa to Home (movie) … Continue reading

Dancing Man Cave

A holiday.  Like a REAL holiday on an ACTUAL holiday!  Wooohooo! Thanks to the arrival of Vernon’s sister and brother-in-law from California, and Victoria, et al, from Kaycee… we took a real day off (ok, so there WAS some irrigating … Continue reading


PO.  LAR.  IS. Polaris.  What’s its other name? This was our focus last night about this time as the four oldest grandsons and I snuggled into our sleeping bags atop the trampoline.  The air was brisk, enough that protruding limbs … Continue reading