Though the first flowers of the season seem to be phlox…it is a plain white flower which lays close to the ground… and though welcome, never seems to inspire.  Yellow bells lead the way for celebration.  Their mustard color and … Continue reading

Up the mountain

We have had multiple snowstorms blow through… some have hit us, some just barely over the top of us, as we can see the snow line just a few hundred feet up the mountain.  Today, though, has been a gorgeous … Continue reading

Small moments

Guess I had spring fever, I wanted to be outside, but wanted to do something more fun than yard work, so me and my crew grabbed my metal detector and headed to the hills.  About a mile and a half from … Continue reading


We stepped over the prickly pear cactus and avoided the tall sagebrush.  Every few steps our jeans accidentally brushed against the sage creating a seemingly loud *scrrrrrritch*.  We pointed and whispered, our quarry lay ahead in the dim light.  We … Continue reading

They’re gone!

We have turned out virtually all of our cows!  Yay!  This is our crew that helped Johnny, Vernon, and I push the last big bunch out Wednesday.  I had had a big trip to the dentist the day before… a … Continue reading