The New Project

If someone… who knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about ranching… were to ask me… “What is your lifestyle like out in the middle of nowhere? ┬áDo you round-up cattle everyday like on television?” After I caught my breath from laughing and choking … Continue reading

Hot – the book

I’ve mentioned him before… A professional photographer who I am lucky enough to call my friend… He gave me a gift not too long ago… A copy of his first book entitled COLD. It is an amazing collection of astounding … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – A Feather in His Mane

Panama sports a feather in his mane… … Continue reading

Photo Improvements

Marilyn was nice enough yesterday to leave a comment about my photos… And that got me to thinking… I couldn’t do this without taking multiple and I mean, MULTIPLE photos… Especially what I call OOPE photos… The ones I’m NOT … Continue reading

Another Day of Riding

We moved 100 pairs today from the Mesa to a new pasture leased from a neighbor… It was mainly me and Daniel and Brandon and S., our neighbor girl. Vernon and Johnny took the bulls back down to our bull … Continue reading