I’m not really sure if I should title this entry STUPID People, IGNORANT People, or MEANSPIRITED MISLED BLANKETY BLANK People. I always heard it was better to be ignorant… that just meant you didn’t know better… but that you could … Continue reading

Centennial Thanks

Well, it’s been almost a week now… I haven’t looked at the formal portraits we had taken on our Centennial day… But I’ve decided it’s time to move on. Move on to the quiet ranchlife of moving cattle, which I … Continue reading

Centennial Gift

You are probably getting tired of hearing about our Centennial Celebration, but, you know, I really want to share every minute of it with you! Hang in there… we’re almost back to everyday life… One present I wanted to share, … Continue reading

Red Dirt In My Soul

Finally, I managed to get my book illustrated and published with the local print shop. The “illustrations” are really my photos of the ranch, modified to look like watercolors with Photoshop. My original idea was to post each individual page, … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Hues of Ancient Promise”

“Hues of Ancient Promise” (Charles Tennyson Turner) … Continue reading