Sunshine and Ice

Today was gorgeous.  Glorious blue sky.  Glaringly brilliant white snow.  Sunshine.  It was our day in the hills.  Every four days we head out to our BLM leased land to open water tanks.  Before Wyoming hit this huge drought, we … Continue reading

Follow-Up on Be Warned

For those of you who expressed interest… just thought I’d let you know… the downed calf died last night.  We hadn’t held out much hope for him, the vet says those kinds of injuries   (spinal injuries) don’t usually have … Continue reading


I feel bad for you… perhaps I shouldn’t have posted that nasty photo of the prolapse… then again, if you desire to live in the Far Far West, you’d better get tough!  I admit, I still go “Eeeew!”, I just … Continue reading

Be Warned

Today started as a normal day… a little laundry and dishes… a tad bit of Christmas music as I started to pull out some Christmas decorations.  I hung the garland and lights on my front pole fence.  Everything is starting … Continue reading

Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog from Carol Greet on Vimeo. … Continue reading