Today saw the return of winter with freezing temperatures and snow.  The wind chill added to the briskness.
The other day was a different story.  Gorgeous sunshine and warm temperatures begged me to go for a walk to the mailbox.  My months of inactivity showed themselves as it took me longer than normal to make the 2 mile trek.  But I had company and enjoyed the walk and the weather immensely.
The view from the highway and my mailbox looks like this.
This area is called the Double Crossing as the old stagecoach road that ran through here had to cross the Nowood River twice in a short span.  We call this entry road the Beaver Slide… if you know anything about beavers they will create ramps like this to slide their wood into creeks.
A closer look reveals my walking partners.  In the distance is the sheep bridge I have talked about.
My partners are in a down stay at the cattle guard.  If they come with me to the actual mailbox, more often than not, a tempting cottontail bunny will dash in front of them and lead them onto the highway and across.  Now, my highway isn’t a busy one… but I decided that those mad dashes across pavement were going to give me a heart attack if ever it happened with traffic.  This is my remedy.
Could they get any closer to the cattle guard??  They’d lay on it if they could… just to be those few inches closer to where I am.
One is patient, the other reflects the horrible abuse I put her through when I don’t allow her to be at my side.
“Do you like me??? Do you really really like me?  Please say you do!”
“Yeah… Here I am.  Can we go now?”
We can’t wait to go to the mailbox again… but we only get mail three times a week.  So we have to wait until Monday whether we want to or not!

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