Subtle Signs

Mother Nature continues to tempt us with thoughts of springtime.
They may be subtle.
They may be minor.
But they exist just the same.
The warmth of a 40 degree day actually *feels* warm.  The sun has a strength to it that has been lacking.  Makes you want to lay down in it and dream.
Delicate lacings of ice are all that covers last year’s dry grasses on south facing slopes.
Though the snow still rests heavily on the mountain… a wind blown south facing slope is the place to be!
The trails through the deep snow on the north sides of hills are softening… and they lead to the dry south slope of the next hill.
The ice covering the Nowood has fallen out… at least up here by my house…  leaving ice flows to be buffeted by current and sunshine…
No green grass yet.
No babies.
No summer bird songs.
But it’s coming.  I know it is!

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