So God Made A Farmer

I admit, after my Broncos lost, I pretty much ignored the last bit of football season.  After a struggle of a “walk” to the creek (in almost knee deep snow), my tired dogs and I returned to the house and found the Super Bowl had already started.

Well, I don’t like either team, but I’d craft along and watch the commercials…

Which I did, until the Dodge Ram commercial appeared.

If you missed it, you must watch it.

As Paul Harvey’s resonant voice began speaking, I had to watch.  I had listened to that man’s voice for years.  He holds a special place in my memories.

A commercial with no CGI.
No fireworks or flash.

Simply photos.

Photos of people like… us.

Sure, the commercial and Mr. Harvey’s speech given at the 1978 FFA Convention are entitled So God Made A Farmer, and we’re ranchers… But you’d be surprised how many people don’t know the difference… and sometimes, eh… there isn’t much difference.

Soon it was over.

It brought tears to my eyes and a catch in my throat and I looked at Vernon.



“Nice to know someone likes us.”

Yes.  Yes, it is.

I feel an amazing sense of pride at times like this… That the long hours and the sweat and the tears really ARE worth it.  That even though I’m not out there every day since my boys have come back home, I am still part of this ranch and of a much bigger picture.  That American Agriculture would be thanked for hard work and stewardship on one of the biggest stages on television today means So So Much.  It fills my heart to know that for a few seconds, someone said Thank You.

We get that so very rarely.

We don’t work for thanks… but it’s awfully, awfully nice when it comes.

For those of you new to RDIMS… Here’s a movie about a book and our ranch and my boys… My take on “So God Made A Farmer”, our tiny piece of American Agriculture.

A tip of the hat to you, Dodge Ram, thank you, sir, thank you, kindly.

To you, Mr. Harvey, thank you.  If I may pitifully borrow your words, I hope these many voices of agriculture can continue to tell the rest of the(ir) stories.

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