Wordless Wednesday – “Undine Falls, Yellowstone”

previewUndine Falls, Yellowstone


Wordless Wednesday – “Undine Falls, Yellowstone” — 5 Comments

    • Undine are water spirits in Germanic mythology that can gain mortal souls by marrying men… I don’t know why they chose that, but that’s in the description of the waterfall on the internet!

      • Thank you Carol. In the meantime I did extensive research and learned that Undine is a water spirit, and moreover that George Patton learned of them as a preteen. It took me longer, but apparently someone in Yellowstone knew about it ….. He also read Rommel’s book, and I haven’t read that either. Thanks for answer …

  1. This made a lovely, colorful puzzle. I like the way you had the big tree trunk, covered in moss, in the front, with smaller trees in the background for interest. Thanks!

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