Wordless Wednesday – Canyon Spectacular

The surprising and spectacular 500′ deep Otter Creek Canyon. (7 photos consolidated) This doesn’t do it justice! … Continue reading

Town Yard/Ranch Yard

My folks always had a gorgeous yard… We’d edge trim (remember those hand held clippers???) and power rake and haul compost and haul sand and mow and water and weed and plant and transplant and fertilize and what ever else … Continue reading

Picnic Photos

Before I share more Wyoma stories, I thought I’d share a few more photos from our Father’s Day picnic yesterday. Another of my favorite flowers is in bloom. It is called Bitterroot. Often associated with Montana, bitterroot was a Native … Continue reading

Father’s Day – Good and Bad

The day started with news that Vernon’s Uncle J. had passed away. ┬áHe was a nice man and will be missed. The weather today was gorgeous again. I felt better after a bad night with a splitting headache, barking dogs, … Continue reading

A Story from Wyoma

I introduced you to Wyoma yesterday. I thought I’d share her story of coming to Ten Sleep and meeting her husband first. She was a cracker! See if you can get a feel for her character in this story… all … Continue reading