My father-in-law’s great aunt used to live here. Her name was Wyoma. She was 4′ 7″ or somewhere in there. She was feisty. She was NOT politically correct. She was blunt. She had stories… oh, my! her stories… She wrote … Continue reading

Dogs in Heaven

I would never presume to understand a dog. I want to. I read books by educated people and scientists and behaviorists and I try to. The closest I’ve been is the other day… for a short period of time, at … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Shooting Stars Cover a Wyoming Hillside

Shooting stars cover a hillside in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. … Continue reading

WANTED: Hot Tub and Cold Margarita

Spent the day on the mountain fix fencing. I’ve given you the details before. I enjoy it. The smells. The scenery. The company. The bird songs. But, boy, a hot tub would be a wonderful thing to own right now. … Continue reading

High Winds

The storms that continue to dampen this section of Wyoming are often accompanied by high winds. Wyoming has even had some tornadoes of late, one becoming an internet sensation. While we are a windy state in some areas, Ten Sleep … Continue reading