Bar Log

Up at the Mills Place is a sawmill.  Ped and Gary, the Mills brothers, both enjoyed working this sawmill.  Vernon had helped Ped a time or two, but had never run the saw.  Now, Gary wants to keep the sawmill, … Continue reading


We made a flying trip to Billings today.  I hadn’t planned to go because originally it was just Vernon and Victoria going to Cody to finish up the paperwork on her new car.  But Vernon said since they would be … Continue reading


While I was going through my traumatic evening last night… plans did continue and we did have our bonfire. Remember the Cat that came through this fall?  This was a smaller pile she had left behind. It took a little doing, but they … Continue reading

Starting on a Good Note

Starting on a Good Note! She’s back… Vernon woke me up this morning with the news that Dally was out in the yard.  She seems OK… tired and hungry… we were up until midnight and the kids even later, so … Continue reading

Ending the Year on a Bad Note

I painted today…from 10 am until 4:30 or so.  Content with what I had accomplished, I left the house, braving the ice rink that is our parking area… Elsa was at my heels.  Lucas was by the garage and quickly … Continue reading