As a child, I was terrified of the dark.  I didn’t like going into the basement because I had to turn the light out at the bottom of the stairs and RUN up the stairs so no bogeyman could grab … Continue reading

I Love This Country!

Look at this… This is looking north along the Big Horn Mountains.  I am west of our Mesa pasture, and we do actually own a smidge of what is in this photograph, but I love this view.  It is probably … Continue reading

The Mesa

I’m still not up to par, so I have been demoted from working partner to unworking partner!  Par…par-tner… ha!  I made a little funny…very little.  Anyway… While I was off at a doctor’s appointment yesterday, the guys had been fighting … Continue reading


Caught in midstride, Lucas and Elsa enjoy the snow we had last week and all the delicious scents it seemed to quadruple.  Please ignore the tons of cockleburs, burdock, houndstongue, and mystery stickers imbedded in little Elsa’s tail.  I’m working … Continue reading

Ah, the Romantic Life…

I’ve heard it many times.  Heck, I used to believe it myself.  How AWESOME your life must be… you live on a *RANCH*!  Well, it is true MOST of the time… It is the small percentage of times when you … Continue reading