On time, 21 days after my egg tragedy, I was prepared for a new strategy. Since moving the hen and eggs a day before their due date didn’t work, and leaving them alone last year only gave me a small … Continue reading

Eight Cold Eggs

Colorful metaphors. Best intentions. However you want to describe it… I had a horrible failure. I mentioned with my video of the chicken laying her egg, that I thought it was my broody hen. Well, it wasn’t, of course, just … Continue reading

Chicken & Egg

Feeding my hens this morning, I noticed what I thought was my broody hen standing above her eggs, rear end facing out, with that zoned look in her eyes and a pulsing muscle near her tail. I knew the signs. … Continue reading

Lucky All Around

Well, I played the Fairweather Cowboy Card and babysat kids so The Girls could go ride in the snow and cold! It was time to bring the cows in from the badlands pasture… and while I snuggled Reagan, fetched the … Continue reading

Bitty Heifers

Heifer is the term for young female bovines… though generally, those about to have their first calves. The girls we worked with today are just itty bitty heifers, about ten months old. They received their bangs vaccination today. I’ve gone … Continue reading