I’ve been trying an experiment the past few weeks… I’m growing fodder for my chickens as a supplement this winter.  My chickens free range all year round… of course, their pickings are not near as good this time of year. … Continue reading

So Long, Girls

Daniel pitched some hay for the heifers, and we jumped on four wheelers to bring them in from the surrounding fields.  These heifers will go the sale barn and hopefully find good homes somewhere else as replacements.  They didn’t make … Continue reading

#TBT: Repost : A Good Day

I was scrolling through some old posts of mine… this one is from November 30, 2009!  I enjoyed it, thought you might as well… The crisp morning crept slowly out of the darkness.  Sparkling glitter cast by Jack Frost caught … Continue reading

About Missed It

I about missed it… After running to town one day and then the next day… having to get a heifer off the highway and back in the pasture where she belonged… I managed to *just* get to the corral to … Continue reading