Questions and Answers – June 2013 Edition

I’m suffering from hay fever… Moving slow and pitifully… so if I don’t answer your question well enough, ask again, maybe next time I’ll feel up to it more!  Let’s get going! First of all, one of my frequent readers … Continue reading

Weekend Started

Busy day! I was a tad bit early to the show… so I took some time for wildflower photography… Then I helped begin the AI process… which consists of a shot of Lutalyse, which is a prostaglandin.  It synchronizes estrus, … Continue reading

Amazing Piece

Seems like I need to start these entries a little earlier… I’ve been falling asleep and not feeling like waking up enough to write!  That’s typical springtime… the rush is on to clean, garden, farm, ride, move cattle, irrigate and … Continue reading

Sad Country Song

Happy Mother’s Day!  I really meant to drag out an old photo of me and my mom… and just realized that as I sat down here to type away.  That’s typical.  Seems like I was late more than once with … Continue reading


1.  First Branding is done.  We JUST had enough people, short some of our regulars… but had enough food for more!  We had great leftovers for supper! 2.  While kicking the cows and calves over The Big Grey Ridge, they … Continue reading