1.  First Branding is done.  We JUST had enough people, short some of our regulars… but had enough food for more!  We had great leftovers for supper! 2.  While kicking the cows and calves over The Big Grey Ridge, they … Continue reading

Bee Adventurous – Part Three

OK, this is rather long… but I did edit it quite a bit!  If you can’t see it here for some reason, go to vimeo dot com, and search for Carol Greet.  It’ll pull up all my videos for your … Continue reading

Until Tomorrow

Yesterday, I got a call as I was heading for work… The Bee Guy was going to be in Ten Sleep and would I like more bees?  You bet!  So I threw in my bee suit and gloves… and waited … Continue reading

Drama. Queen.

Today warmed up some, the best we’ve had, so I decided to transfer the bees to my top bar hive. I lifted the feeder. No movement. I lifted the lid. No movement. Crud. I lifted off the box, and there … Continue reading

Bee Adventurous – Part Two

My top bar hive is an unusual style.  Most bee hives today are the Langstroth hive, boxes on boxes that you’ve probably seen along the roadway.  They are perfect for producing a great quantity of honey while pollinating large acreages. … Continue reading