Preg Test Retreat

I went and reviewed my post from 2010… the Greet Ranch Annual Labor Day Preg Test Retreat … and not that much has changed!  We don’t do it on Labor Day, well at least for the past few years, and … Continue reading

Is She?

It’s that time of year. Pregnancy testing of our heifers and cows. This year we decided to split up our humongous work day into two.  Today was spent on the heifers, gathering, trailing, and preg testing by the vet. The … Continue reading

Ten Things You Might Not Know About: Moving Cattle

It looks easy, right?  On television, the cowboys whoop and holler and gallop their horses after the running cattle, swinging ropes and making a round-up look sooooo exciting. Westerns used to be my favorite shows, until I married a rancher! … Continue reading

Big Day to the Mountain

It starts early… and continues on… and then ends in a bog… and some final beauty… … Continue reading