Why’s and Wherefore’s

Nothing like being late to the party, and everyone’s gone! I was 15 minutes later than I should have been, and the guys had already left the barn to move our first bunch of cows.  And they didn’t have my … Continue reading

Cold Morning Calf

While spring tries to stand firmly, upright, hands on hips, in that defiant Peter Pan pose… Winter keeps blowing her down with late snow storms and gusty winds.  We are caught up in this bipolar condition… but, of course, not … Continue reading

Cow Handling Tip of the Day

Although I posted this photo yesterday, I thought I might explain a bit of what’s happening. Sometimes cows can be very thrilled to be put out on fresh grass… and forget they have a calf. Sometimes cows can be thrilled … Continue reading

In Photos

I hope my little video from yesterday played well for everyone.  It was a short one, so I just uploaded it like a normal photo… but it did require you to click on the link.  For those of you who … Continue reading


Pairing This is how it’s done on the Greet Ranch. We pair momma cows and their babies everywhere we go… If they lose each other, they will return to the last place they saw each other… and if that’s in … Continue reading