Branding Video

I’ve always been a bit hesitant to post full videos of branding… there’s so much going on… but I’ve done this blog since 2008, and I imagine I’ve posted so many photos, that by now, it doesn’t really matter that … Continue reading


No. Yes. No. Yes. One hour notification. Well, we pulled it off. With over an inch and a half of rain, we cancelled yesterday’s branding… and cancelled today’s chance at it too. Then the rain stopped. It turned partly cloudy … Continue reading


We’re supposed to brand tomorrow. While the weather has been gorgeous the past few days, today it was cloudy, breezy, and foggy with intermittent rain. Tomorrow’s forecast is worse. You can’t brand wet calves… so it may get cancelled. The … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: “Eating Spring Greens”

Test your brain power by playing the jigsaw puzzle HERE. … Continue reading

Into Life Backwards II

Yesterday’s post began the story of 520’s calf. … 520 slides down to the ground. The guys get to jacking on the calf puller. Trying to keep everything in proper position, while still pulling on the calf’s legs… Whew! It’s … Continue reading