Heifers 4

Ah… the last of the video series… <sniff> Will you miss them?? I enjoy doing these, because they can explain things much better in some respects.  Like most areas of expertise, it is easy to forget to explain simple things … Continue reading

Heifers 3

So, we have gathered and sorted heifers, and now we do our night checks. I’m in charge of the 10:30 pm night check… I’m more a night owl than Vernon, so while he might have been in bed for a couple of hours already, … Continue reading

Heifers 2

What a wonderful springlike day…  warm, snow melting everywhere… runoff turning the creek from clear to red… and more babies! Our cows have now started having babies as well, so within two weeks we’ll be surrounded by calves – bucking, … Continue reading

Heifers Step 1

I have a series of videos showing how we calve our heifers. Tonight is step one… The gathering of the small area where they spend their days.  If any calves want to be born in daylight, we’ll just push them … Continue reading

Busy Days … and Nights

We have had 21 calves in the past three days.  I guess it seemed like more but that puts us up to 31 calves, so that means we are halfway through the heifers!  Now, if only the last 31 calves … Continue reading