Herding Cats

Today we had to move our cows… some have newborns… some don’t. Herding baby calves is much like herding the proverbial cats… they don’t know what to do… they don’t know that mom just took 3 steps that a’way… they … Continue reading

Eight Days and Counting

I’m excited…  did I tell you that? And Elsa grunts and pants… and squeaks when she breathes at the right angle. She wants to go in the morning with Vernon, but I deny her that… thinking that jumping on a … Continue reading

Spring Returns

I imagine I could use that title “Spring Returns” multiple times… and I might!  But after a couple of nights with below zero temps and 5 inches of snow, today’s temp of 20+ degrees and sunshine feels mighty fine! I … Continue reading

Spring Storm

A spring storm has hit the Cowboy State, with snow and below zero temperatures.  That meant Vernon was kept busy checking the cows and calves… making sure a newborn didn’t “freeze down”.  A newborn is covered in wet slime… so … Continue reading

Heifer Story 2

Along the Nowood River exist many industrious beavers.  While the Nowood wouldn’t qualify as a river in most other states, it does in Wyoming because it flows a large amount of water for this dry country.  Probably because of the … Continue reading