A Calf Is Born

This video covers one of heifers, number 660, and the process of having her calf.  We noticed her standing off from the herd, holding her tail out in a kinked position… an almost sure sign that labor pains have started. … Continue reading


I abandoned housework today for the calving shed.  I helped clean and re-bed pens, made ear tags, sorted and kicked out pairs, and took an abundance of photos and movies, including two with births! I’ll start with these… just because! … Continue reading

Working Together

Victoria and her boys visited for a bit, and there was no doubt that we would go “help” with calving.  Matthew, aged two, was fairly insistent we go see “baby cows”. Not to disappoint, the calving shed was bursting with … Continue reading

Calving Season

We came home from California to calving season!  It’s been going full steam ahead, oftentimes our calving shed pens are full and they have to shuffle pairs around to fit everyone in! I’ve only managed to help out a couple … Continue reading


Well, after all that celebrating… Let’s check into what’s been happening on the ranch… Our last snowstorm dropped a nice amount of snow… between 9″-10″…  Which was great in one respect.  There was enough snow, that when you walked in … Continue reading