Normally, after gathering our cows from the badlands, we would be sorting them… Early calvers from later ones… And vaccinating with scour guard vaccine that they could pass along to their unborn calves… But we’re not. Our corrals are icy. … Continue reading


To everything there is a season… Sometimes they move around a bit on the calendar, but this year, we got the full use of our badlands BLM allotment.  The BLM regulates how many cattle, which pasture, and how long you … Continue reading

New Home

We decided to send some of our heifers that we bangs vaccinated yesterday over to a feedlot.  Normally, we would feed them ourselves in a corral throughout the winter and into spring when we AI them.  This year, we’re mixing … Continue reading


We spent the day doing the required bangs vaccination of our young heifer calves. The Good Doctor and some helpers were on hand. He has his own tattoo he must place in the ear as proof of vaccination as well … Continue reading