Thief Caught On Video

Here it is… though it doesn’t show her eating the egg… … Continue reading

Mystery in the Chicken Coop Conclusion… or is it?

Gee. It sounds like NO ONE LIKES CLIFFHANGERS! I will tell you the conclusion to the mystery, but, first, this commercial interruption… Although I usually write my blogs at night to post the next morning, sometimes that plays havoc with … Continue reading

Saga of the Video of the Mystery in the Chicken Coop!

Did you ever play Clue?  The game where you had to choose Miss Scarlett or Colonel Mustard in the Library or the Conservatory (as a kid I never knew what a conservatory was… but it’s a greenhouse attached to a … Continue reading

Mystery In The Coop

I do believe I have a dilemma.  I’ve been having a mystery in the chicken coop. There’s been an unidentified perpetrator destroying eggs.  The first suspects were the young roosters.  Over time, the circle of life dismissed the roosters from … Continue reading

Fermenting Chicken Feed

I’ve read about it for a while… and just started trying it with my chickens.  Fermenting their chicken feed. Translate that to just soaking their chicken feed, and you’ll take the scariness out of it. They tell you that fermenting … Continue reading