Chicken & Egg

Feeding my hens this morning, I noticed what I thought was my broody hen standing above her eggs, rear end facing out, with that zoned look in her eyes and a pulsing muscle near her tail. I knew the signs. … Continue reading


She was lost. Stranded in Brandon’s three sided hay shed, this hen had made a home. Ignored by Brandon when he fed the bulls… chickens come and go in the corral… she had made a nest behind the bales. Once … Continue reading


I’ve been trying an experiment the past few weeks… I’m growing fodder for my chickens as a supplement this winter.  My chickens free range all year round… of course, their pickings are not near as good this time of year. … Continue reading

I Suppose…

I hate to say it, but I suppose it’s time to put away my rain barrel for the season. If there’s one thing that makes having chickens easier… it’s not having to haul them water every day!  With the smidgen … Continue reading


Change of scenery for my not so baby chicks… It’s a handy place to start baby chicks… out my front door a few steps… but they’re almost a month old, and they’re ready for more space. Into the dog crate … Continue reading