Cody Horse Sale

The horse sale was back in Cody. We’ve gone to it off and on… Panama, Winchester, and Zip have all come from there. Daniel and Tess were excited to go, Vernon was wishy-washy for quite a while… he could get … Continue reading


There’s a new pony on the ranch. Meet Silverado. Click on the Instagram link, the little camera icon on the sidebar, to see Quinlan’s test drive video! **** Any more questions for my next Q & A? … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: “Red Hills, Red Horses”

Red Hills, Red Horses … Continue reading

Pony Time

Start your day with this little gem… I’m brushing Jackpot.  Remember him?  He’s grown, but not that much.  He’s about 10 months old.  He’s weaned. He leads. He’s still too young to do too much with, but I brush him … Continue reading

HE No More

Well, here’s a post you squeamish readers may want to skip! Since it’s just a part of ranchlife, you know I’ll include it, but, the photos that come up, may not be for viewing over your morning coffee. Now that … Continue reading