Pony Time

Start your day with this little gem… I’m brushing Jackpot.  Remember him?  He’s grown, but not that much.  He’s about 10 months old.  He’s weaned. He leads. He’s still too young to do too much with, but I brush him … Continue reading

HE No More

Well, here’s a post you squeamish readers may want to skip! Since it’s just a part of ranchlife, you know I’ll include it, but, the photos that come up, may not be for viewing over your morning coffee. Now that … Continue reading


Sorry to disappoint you #tbt fans once again, but we have had a very tiny, wonderful, surprise today. Daniel was on his way to check his irrigating as he does every morning… And he noticed one of our new ponies, … Continue reading

New Girls

Greet Ranch has a couple of new girls! Meet Jaycee and Jackie… These two little ponies will be a start for all the grandkids… getting them used to balance and movement, confidence and fun.  We were scrambling for the right … Continue reading