Winter’s Two

She started with nine. Two cracked. Two hatched. She bustled after those lucky two, and the rest had cooled down by the time I found them.   … Continue reading

Clutch Record

I’d say my record stinks. Back a few months ago… this happened. Eleven chicks! It was totally a surprise as the hen did not set on them in the coop, but in some undisclosed location. Well, across the summer, eleven … Continue reading


After dropping my two dogs off at the vet’s for another romantic appointment, we flew down to Riverton, Wyoming.  It was sale day for some of our yearling heifers. It all hinges on three minutes of auctioneering… but there’s all … Continue reading

Fingers and Paws

I’ve talked about it more than a few times on here… I mean, I live on a ranch… we raise animals of all sorts.  The guys are headed to a bull sale tomorrow, as a matter of fact.  We have … Continue reading