Wordless Wednesday: “Bringing ‘Em Home”

Bringing ‘Em Home … Continue reading


More AI. The horse trailer doubles as an AI shed, holding the big semen tank, water warmer, lube, and long gloves. The boys look over some heifers… paying close attention to the silver/orange stickers and the actions of the girls. … Continue reading

AI Again

It’s AI breeding season for our heifers. The boys have been working… and I stopped in to help. We always get the question of “why would you Artificially Inseminate when you could just let a bull cover the girls instead?” … Continue reading


Mamma keeping an eye on things… while her calf is being branded. When you’re four… it’s more fun to crawl through the gate (multiple times, actually), than to have it opened for you! D.  owns the herd Brandon leases from.  … Continue reading


Making progress here.  Went to work today and survived, though I didn’t physically work very hard.  We’re still reorganizing the offices, so I sorted drawers and pitched old manuals for old computers and exciting “junk” that seems to pile up. … Continue reading