The bunkhouse

The bunkhouse sits just under a south facing hill.  On the left side is the living quarters with bed, table, and at one time an old stove.  Many a hired hand has slept here… many a visitor… On the right … Continue reading

Those old Tales

I’ve been going through old papers, finding papers 100 years old to the day… This is a warranty deed, this a homestead filing, that a mortgage. No stories. Just names we’ve heard for years. Signatures in ink… real ink… dipped, … Continue reading


‘ve known for a while now… and I did post it on my website… but I’ll make the announcement here… We’re gonna have puppies! The due date is March 24th. I’m thrilled. Elsa is feeling… well… fat!  Slowing a tad, … Continue reading

Cousin Robb 4

Cousin Robb has spent time in a Thai Monastery and wanted to share… I turn my platform over to him… Happiness Training – 10 Days of Meditative Silence in a Thai Monastery Could I do it? Could I go ten … Continue reading


For years, Bob has been a fixture on this place. Wherever Johnny was, there was Bob in his shadow. Quiet. Observant. He had a hell of an outrun… swinging WAY out and around stock… and as he aged, it was … Continue reading