‘ve known for a while now… and I did post it on my website… but I’ll make the announcement here… We’re gonna have puppies! The due date is March 24th. I’m thrilled. Elsa is feeling… well… fat!  Slowing a tad, … Continue reading

Heifer Story 2

Along the Nowood River exist many industrious beavers.  While the Nowood wouldn’t qualify as a river in most other states, it does in Wyoming because it flows a large amount of water for this dry country.  Probably because of the … Continue reading

Busy Days … and Nights

We have had 21 calves in the past three days.  I guess it seemed like more but that puts us up to 31 calves, so that means we are halfway through the heifers!  Now, if only the last 31 calves … Continue reading

Cousin Robb 4

Cousin Robb has spent time in a Thai Monastery and wanted to share… I turn my platform over to him… Happiness Training – 10 Days of Meditative Silence in a Thai Monastery Could I do it? Could I go ten … Continue reading


For years, Bob has been a fixture on this place. Wherever Johnny was, there was Bob in his shadow. Quiet. Observant. He had a hell of an outrun… swinging WAY out and around stock… and as he aged, it was … Continue reading