OOPE Feeding

Last night Vernon asked me to help feed this morning.  We needed to get done in good time in order to go help our neighbors vaccinate their cows.  He rises early.  I followed.  At 5:30 this morning.  Made our coffee. … Continue reading

Wild Calf Movie

A few weeks ago when we were vaccinating our heifers, we had this little devil to take care of.  This is the first “oops” calf (not to be confused with OOPE!) that I can remember having here this early.  Evidently … Continue reading


Since beginning this blog, my new internet friends have asked me… what do you *DO* out there for fun???? I assume you mean when we’re not laughing hysterically at someone that just got bucked off their horse or fell in … Continue reading


I plan on calling the State Historical Preservation Office tomorrow.  The paperwork to get us recognized as a Centennial Ranch will be a fairly straightforward. Read any Wyoming history book and it will tell you about the Spring Creek Raid … Continue reading


Today saw the return of winter with freezing temperatures and snow.  The wind chill added to the briskness. The other day was a different story.  Gorgeous sunshine and warm temperatures begged me to go for a walk to the mailbox. … Continue reading