Libraries Rock

We look forward to our Wyoming Library conference every year. This year included Debra Fox, “Finding Your Moxie”. Various sessions on a wide variety of topics… my favorite was the Escape Room/Break Out session.  You have to figure out clues … Continue reading


Not a surprising post from a part time librarian maybe. READ. We help people do it all the time! But those letters on the bottom of our New Books display? I did that! I bought some small book letters on … Continue reading

Crazy Library

It’s been crazy at the Ten Sleep Library.  Our new addition is complete.  The work has begun for us!  I’m putting in extra hours… moving shelves, moving books, repeat, repeat, repeat! Here is our little Facebook Live video we did … Continue reading

Library Remodel

I was called into work today… Our library expansion has reached a point that books needed moved.  All of our books will eventually be reorganized, but these needed to be moved out of the building for the next six to … Continue reading


Some of this… Some of that… Teaching this… And getting ready for this! Yeah.  Whew. … Continue reading