Calendar Lessons

Well, lesson learned.  I didn’t keep promoting my little calendar contest… and also, I seemed to make it too hard as well! But you can’t change the rules afterwards, can you? Nevertheless, I’d like to thank those who *did* read … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Didn’t Make the Cut”

Although I liked this pic, she didn’t make the cut into the 2017 Red Dirt calendar… (and, no, she’s not ours) <click on the box below to complete a jigsaw puzzle of the above image> Cold Longhorn … Continue reading

Late Day Trail

Click on the photo below to complete it as a jigsaw puzzle!Late Day Puzzle … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Super Moon and Red Hills”

Super Moon and Red Hills puzzle … Continue reading

And Waiting…

I came home last night to no internet… the modem was overheating and after many power restarts, it finally just quit.  Luckily, the local phone company and I figured out a solution, and they dropped a new modem at a … Continue reading