Questions and Answers – November Edition

It’s the November edition of “Question and Answers”!  As usual, you came up with some good questions… let’s get to ’em. Did I ever tell you that my Taffy and your Lucas are related (through their Grandpa, Sparkplug)?  Marilyn Marilyn, … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – October Edition

Let’s jump right in! Cannot believe what happened to the lady in your memorandum. That is truly tragic. I know the ES (English Shepherd) families are in total shock. Huge loss…..Could you post for others what you know of this? … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – September Edition

Wow, guys!  You did VERY WELL with the amount of questions this month!  I’m so impressed!  Before I get started, I’d like to point out that ALL of my entries are easily available by year and month just by scrolling … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – August Edition

I was looking through the blogs you read and I saw Patricia McConnell’s. Do you clicker train your dogs? If so, how do you just do that for certain commands or for when they are herding as well? Alice Alice, … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – July Edition

Let’s get right to it!   What the heck is a chugwater?  Sally   Sally, all those red bluffs you see here in Wyoming are called chugwaters!  They belong to the Chugwater Formation… aka, the “Red Beds”.  Hard sandstone buttes… … Continue reading